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    Site design has changedApril 12, 2009
Site design has been updated, also as some pages had a revision, and also 4Front Piano and Bass were updated to support latest Mac OS X.

    Wacom Bamboo Monitor SwitcherJune 21, 2008
A small utility to switch current monitor for using with Wacom Bamboo tablet.
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    Vienna EnsembleMay 12, 2008
Vienna Symphonic Library has introduced a Virtual Ensemble software. I have been leading the software development for Vienna Ensemble.
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    TruePianos 1.0.2 ReleasedOctober 15, 2007
Click the logo to go to TruePianos web site

Support for Mac OS X RTAS and VST added.

    TruePianos 1.0 ReleasedJanuary 19, 2007
Initial release of TruePianos.

    TruePianosOctober 18, 2006
See this introduction video by Dave Rich for TruePianos

Dave Rich Presenting TruePianos VSTi
  Full Quality (AVI,XviD,70mb)
  YouTube Quality (FLV,22khz,mono)

    Foobar2000 0.9 support for free consumer pluginsApril 17, 2006
Headphones, EQ10 and OSS/3D now support Foobar2000 player of version 0.9.

    Vienna InstrumentsApril 16, 2006
Vienna Symphonic Library has introduced a Virtual Instrument software.
I have developed its engine completely. Now it's no longer a secret. You may figure out now why yohng.com' news weren't too frequent during the last year.
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    CUE/WAV Extract utility releasedJuly 27, 2005
A utility released to extract individual audio tracks from CUE/WAV audio disk images.
==product page==

    Tinted!July 9, 2005
Site is now of a different color.

    Free W1 Limiter releasedJanuary 19, 2005
W1 Limiter is a clone of Waves L1, see more on the plugin page.
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    EQ10 for various players releasedDecember 25, 2004
Happy Christmas! Original EQ10 is now ported to support major players, including Winamp5, Sonique, Musicmatch, J.River MediaCenter and more.
==plugin page==

    Singing TechniqueMay 19, 2004
The first article on the topic of singing techniques was published. In the meantime, I will add more articles and excercises.
==article page==

    4Front Contour MaxFebruary 21, 2004
4Front Mastering Bundle was expanded with new plugin Contour Max.
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    4Front Mastering Bundle DX and VSTFebruary 7, 2004
New DX and VST compatible mastering bundle was released. It contains three effects:
   - XLimiter (gentle mastering and vocal limiter)
   - Auxiter (harmonic enhancer)
   - Sand Brush (high frequency processing)
30-day trial version is available for download from the product page.
==product page==

    New great DSP plugin for all major playersNovember 26, 2003
New OSS/3D plugin is released with fully redesigned interface, and the following players are supported:
- Winamp 2
- Winamp 3
- Winamp 5
- Windows Media Player
- musicmatch Jukebox
- Sonique player

This plugin is designed exclusively for polite and respectful users. Others shall not download this plugin.

Click here to visit OSS/3D plugin page

    4Front-Beta mailing listOctober 1, 2003
New mailing list is created. If you are an active user of 4Front VSTi plugins products, subscribe 4Front-Beta mailing list for latest betas, discussion, bug reports, feature requests, ideas, etc... Be sure to read list policy before subscribing (on the list information page).

Note, that this list does not cover 4Front consumer technologies such as OSS, OSS/3D, Surroundizer.

    Mac OSX plugin versions availableSeptember 26, 2003
Mac OSX Mach-O VSTi versions of Piano, Bass and E-Piano modules are available for free download. Tell me if you find Mac plugins useful.

    yohng.com changed hosterSeptember 21, 2003
A hosting company was changed. I had some downtimes and interruptions with the last one, so in order to keep site up, I switched over to hosting321.com.

    Rhode Pro VSTiAugust 20, 2003
New VSTi Rhodes/Wurlitzer-type sound module released.
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    E-Piano Module VSTiAugust 20, 2003
New VSTi e-piano module released.
==press release== || ==product page==

    New yohng.com' site is onlineAugust 20, 2003
I'm happy to present my new site. Finally, I managed to sit and put all this text and design down. The site is up and running, though there are few blank points still.

    Bass Module VSTiJuly 22, 2003
New VSTi bass module released.
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    Piano Module VSTiJune 21, 2003
New VSTi piano module released.
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