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George Yohng

Hello, this is me. Below you can see some of the information. Thank you for visiting this page.

I'm a DSP lead at 4Front Technologies, which is known by making a first de-facto audio API for UNIX/Linux.

Also I'm the sampler and core developer at Vienna Symphonic Library, Since my hobby and work intersect, I took on an initiative to create professional and consumer DSP solutions for licensing them out to various companies (firmware, software, DSP, players, decks, etc).

I'm writing music, singing, and also have an interest in sound engineering.

Constantly working in IT, I have also created other materials, which are not directly related to the music production and DSP. Such as a guide for using MySQL and PHP. This is mainly outdated by now, but it does contain some good information.

My cell phone number is +43 650 440 39 22. Calls are welcome, but if you decide to call, please be aware of international phone bills. Otherwise you can always keep a message in the box below.

Please also check my youtube channel.

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