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Go to Accessing MySQL from PHP page
Accessing MySQL from PHP

This is an unedited version of guide of how to use PHP and MySQL. I tried to put it down in a very understandable form, that guides the reader step by step.
Go to Wacom Multi-Monitor Switcher page
Wacom Multi-Monitor Switcher

This utility is made to switch Wacom Bamboo Tablet's current operating monitor in multi-monitor configurations.

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Go to About George Yohng page
About George Yohng

A personal information about myself. Something that every personal home site ought to have.
Go to Music by George Yohng (MP3) page
Music by George Yohng (MP3)

Free music download. This is what I have made alone in my home studio. All music is copyright by just me (George Yohng). I have composed music, lyrics, sung vocal tracks, mixed and mastered this stuff.

I'd want to release an album CD, but I'm not sure of how popular it would be. I'm looking for someone to publish my music.

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