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All products are freeware, unless marked with Commercial software sign.

If you are developer, be sure to check also resources page.

yohng.com' :: VST Instruments (VSTi)

Go to 4Front TruePianos page
4Front TruePianos Commercial software

Professional grade virtual piano with the emphasis on playability.

Go to 4Front Piano Module page
4Front Piano Module

A small and versatile piano module with unique sound.

Unlike many other piano modules (like those gigabyte pianos), this module will never overload CPU. It will never stick notes, and never break the sound or click during live performances.
Go to 4Front Bass Module page
4Front Bass Module

The bass module is a morph between sample playback and a synthesizer.

Playing chords will add extra fat rumble, like when playing a real bass guitar.
Go to 4Front Rhode page
4Front Rhode

A vintage Rhodes/Wurly typed piano module with gentle overdrive.

This module reproduces the classic sound similar to Rhodes/Wurlitzer pianos. Module is not sample based, and the sound is generated on-the-fly, therefore there are no sampling layer switches - vintage rhodes overdrive is smooth, clean and continuous.

Go to 4Front E-Piano Module (DX type of sound) page
4Front E-Piano Module (DX type of sound)

E-Piano module with a rich, warm and silky sound. It is quite unique by its character.

yohng.com' :: Professional Effects DX and VST

Go to W1 Limiter page
W1 Limiter

Free limiter, that clones Waves L1 famous limiter.

yohng.com' :: Consumer Audio Add-ons

Go to 4Front Headphones page
4Front Headphones

Headphones plugin is designated specifically for headphone users and supports major media players, including winamp, sonique, musicmatch jukebox, windows media player.

4Front Headphones model a real room echo response and thus avoid direct ear pressure. Listening is very natural and possible discomfort is vanished.

Go to 4Front EQ10 for Winamp page
4Front EQ10 for Winamp

A professional high quality equalizer, with FAT sound and MP3restore modes, to use with Winamp3 and Winamp2.

yohng.com' :: Consumer Audio Applications

Go to Open Sound System, sound support for Linux and UNIX page
Open Sound System, sound support for Linux and UNIX Commercial software

Open Sound System (OSS) is the first attempt in unifying the digital audio architecture for UNIX. OSS is a set of device drivers that provide a uniform API across all the major UNIX architectures. It supports Sound Blaster or Windows Sound System compatible sound cards which can be plugged into any UNIX workstation supporting the ISA or PCI bus architecture. OSS also supports workstations with on-board digital audio hardware.
Go to CUE/WAV Extract utility page
CUE/WAV Extract utility

This utility conveniently extracts individual audio tracks from CUE/WAV audio disk images, created by such programs as Exact Audio Copy. Windows and Mac OS X versions are supplied.
Go to PowerYMF software page
PowerYMF software

Largerly outdated resource for Yamaha YMF cards

Resource for Yamaha YMF card users
- Improve quality of WAV, MP3 and Sound effects playback...
- Unleash power of XG MIDI synthesis with sounds of a better quality...
- Links to more information

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