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4Front EQ10

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4Front EQ10 - free high quality equalizer for media players

** Now available for Winamp 5 and other popular players **

This is a professional high quality equalizer, with FAT sound and MP3restore modes, to use with Winamp and other players. Equalizer bands have dynamic range of -20dB...+20dB (standard winamp equalizer has only -6dB...+6dB).

EQ10 is useful for those who want to bring punch and fidelity to their sound collection.

EQ10 is different from other equalizers with feature, that it allows adding bass and high frequencies without distortion or harsh sound.

EQ10 is available for licensing to use in YOUR application.

To submit corrections, comments, wishes, and licensing inquiries, use feedback form box.

The following players are supported:

- Winamp 2
- Winamp 5
- Windows Media Player
- musicmatch Jukebox
- Sonique player (you need to activate this plugin from player options)
- Foobar2000 0.8.3
- Foobar2000 0.9
- JetAudio 5 and 6
- J.River Media Center
- Winamp 3 (via a separate plugin)

New plugin is accessible via icon from the system tray. Note, that for some players icon is only available during song playback.

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comments and feedback

What do people say?

Most of people just love the sound of this equalizer, as it gives the real control.

New Winamp 5 and other players compatible version was released because many people asked for it.

Few people do not like the fact, that the equalizer is not uniform along the frequency range. EQ10 was acoustically tuned to have different weight on different frequencies, so do not expect the sound to be equivalent to unprocessed when all the sliders are brought up. Use Preamp slider for amplification purposes.

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