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Music page
Music by George Yohng

Here are few samples of my music. I didn't record anything serious recently, but I plan to. These are just short pieces.

1 "A song without title and lyrics" I hope to make a song out of this melody, but composing lyrics is hard.
2 "Waltz for Debbie" (I sing and play one of my very favorite song)
3 "A short clip of orchestral improvisation"
4 "Instrumental" tests of Vienna Instruments (for which I have written a sampler engine)
5 "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
6 "No Guitars Allowed" (yellowtools,truepianos,vsl)
7 "Cloudy Skies" Piano Improvisation (truepianos)

Check my YouTube page as well. Videos are available on YouTube, but full quality files can be downloaded here on request:

1 George Yohng sings standards in Bing Crosby style
2 Night in Vienna

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