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OSPI: A DSP plugin API for everything

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OSPI: A DSP plugin API for everything

OSPI SDK is single standard and API for audio plugins. Audio plugins written with OSPI will automatically work as VST and also in most major media players (and very soon, DirectX).

SDK is designed and tested with MSVC++7, samples use ATL/WTL libraries version 7 for GUI. OSPI core part does not depend on any OS structures, and planned to support Linux and other platforms very soon.

I'm highly interested in promoting OSPI native interfaces, few player developers have contacted me already and are going to support OSPI plugins natively. OSPI API is really versatile, universal and yet, extremely easy to integrate and support in custom application (sample source code is provided).

(You see, I have developed OSPI mainly to support professional audio standards, OSPI can support such advanced features as automation, MIDI, parameters storage/retrieval, event system, etc... However, OSPI port for consumer players comes first.)

VST is supported, and also currently these media players are supported:
  • Windows Media Player 9
  • Winamp 2
  • Winamp 3
  • Sonique
  • J.River Media Jukebox
  • MusicMatch Jukebox
  • Foobar2000
  • Jet Audio
More players will be added in the meantime. If you wish to participate in OSPI development, use feedback box form on this page. If you develop a player, direct support of OSPI plugin standard would be nice (easier than ever).

Sample plugin code (dsp that you have to write):

gain.cpp - gain adjustment plugin
s-delay.cpp - stereo delay plugin

GUI source code is not included for the samples above, however SDK itself includes full sample code and libraries for controls.

For a working plugin example, check:
4Front Rhode
4Front Headphones

OSPI is in active development yet. After completion, OSPI will be put into public domain as Open Source under a custom license.

OSPI is already working, and could be available upon a request (send message, and we'll negotiate how). Also, if you are a qualified developer, you are welcome to join OSPI development. Though, as the project is going to be free, I cannot promise anything but the credits in OSPI documentation.

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