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4Front Mastering Bundle DX and VST

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  Sand Brush
  Contour Max

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    $35 Auxiter
    $35 XLimiter
    $85 Bundle

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4Front Mastering Bundle DX and VST

The bundle consists of four separate processors, that work as DirectX and VST plugins for Windows.

Plugins included (see description below)
   - XLimiter
   - Auxiter
   - Sand Brush
   - Contour Max

The demo version of a bundle is available. You can purchase just the single plugin from the bundle.

Customers who purchased at least three plugins, are entitled for a complete bundle download (use the feedback form to request).

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4Front XLimiter: screenshot
A gentle and soft brickwall limiter processor.

Primary design goals:
   - Master track brickwall compression
   - Vocal track compression
   - Solo track compression

A special multistage algorithm provides a very soft transition envelope, thus rapid level changes at extreme Threshold level will not pump or distort as much as with the other processors.

The limiter employs best properties of a single band processor, whereas additional techniques are used to provide advantages of "continuous multiband" processing.


With the default settings it will limit the signal at 0dB. This is useful to plug into the master effect bin of a multitrack software.

You can lower Threshold value to bring up the volume of the track. If you are limiting a vocal track - you can also set appropriate ceiling value to control the output volume.

If you have deessing or disturbing frequencies problem, try using this effect as a vocal or solo processor. In most cases you will not need an additional de-essing, as XLimiter will handle those transients properly.

4Front Auxiter: screenshot
This is a high frequency refresher exciter-type plugin.

It brings clarity to the high end by regenerating high frequency harmonics.

Primary design goals:
   - Vocal enhancer
   - Per/track enhancer
   - Master track restoration/refreshment
   - Old tracks restoration


First try to figure right Frequency slider value for your track, then control the Harmonic, Drive and Mix levels to get the best enhancement.

4Front Sand Brush: screenshot
The plugin completely regenerates high frequencies, basing on the existing partials.

The plugin can be used to apply on hihats and other percussive sounds with high frequency content, and also can be used on other tracks to add "sand".

Depending on the settings, plugin can be also used to emulate the vintage vinyl sound.

Primary design goals:
   - Sand for vocal and solo tracks
   - Bring life back to sampled strings
   - Track restoration (including MP3)
   - Vintage effect (to create vintage sound)

The plugin contains multiple presets for various track types.

4Front Contour Max: screenshot
The plugin is designed to change the basic frequency contour of a sound track, or the overall frequency balance of a master.

Primary design goals:
   - Master processing
   - Per-track processing for balancing low and high end
   - Track restoration

The plugin contains multiple presets for various track types.

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